Perhaps you have just tried our fruity and fresh tasting Solero ice creams? Then it's no surprise that you are visiting to find out what makes Solero so refreshingly light and tasty. Solero is a product packed full of fruit and flavour, with no artificial flavours and containing 90 calories. Actually, with its great range of flavours, Solero is the number 1 choice for many people around the world and we like them so much ourselves that we keep on trying to make them even better.

We wanted Solero Exotic Explosion and Solero Berry Explosion to be even fruitier and even more indulgent! How? Well, our scientist looked to Mother Nature, and developed a really cool new technology. With the help of Ice Structuring Protein, or ISP, our new Solero Exotic Explosion now contains more fruit and both products are less messy to eat.

Ice Structuring Proteins: Inspired by Nature

And now  try also  the new Twister 3d ICE!
3 colours, 3 flavours, 3 steps to eat it! Everything is so good together!

1. Tear  off  and bite piece by piece the pineapple yellow strand, made with a delicious gummy jelly

2.  Lick the refreshing strawberry ice.

3.  Enjoy the long-lasting core.

Thanks  to the use of ISP, we’ve been able to develop this new fun product!!
The ISP is present in the centre part of the product helping to  keep it stable with a novel hard texture that  facilitates and makes possible this fun eating ritual.
New Twister 3d ice, 3 steps= Triple Fun!
Availble in the following recipes:
Pineapple Jelly, Strawberry and Tropical core
Pineapple Jelly, Strawberry and  Lemon core ( Multipack of 6)”

Cool Crystals

Have you ever wondered why carrots, grass or fish don't freeze when exposed to arctic temperatures? Scientists discovered that nature protects the cells in these plants and animals from the potential harm caused by freezing through a special group of proteins in the cells, which consequently prevent frost damage. This type of protein is known as Ice Structuring Protein.

Cool Things

ISP lets us do really amazing things to our ice cream. We can now put in less fat and keep that creamy texture that makes good ice cream extra special. We can now add more delicious fruit without making our ice cream soft or slushy. This special protein helps to keep our ice cream in shape, which means less mess, which makes everyone happier.

Global Approval

Safety has always been Unilever's number one priority. The company's safety specialists have conducted exhaustive tests to demonstrate the safety of ISP. The results of these tests have been reviewed by a panel of independent world experts including allergists, toxicologists and paediatricians. The safety of ISP has also been adopted by the US Foods and Drug Administration and endorsed by the European Food Safety Authority and Food Standards Australia New Zealand.
We started using ISP in our ice cream in 2003. First we obtained the necessary local regulatory approvals. Then we started selling them in the US, soon followed by Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Mexico.
ISP technology was submitted to the EU regulatory body for clearance for use as a novel food in 2006. After nearly 3 years of consultation, approval was given for the use of ISP in all EU member states in April 2009. Unilever plans to sell Europe's first ISP containing ice creams in 2011. All products containing ISP will include ISP in the ingredient list and information will be made available via customer carelines and websites.
Low fat products and novelty 'popsicle' products have been on sale, and enjoyed, in other markets, such as the USA, for several years. We are moving towards obtaining approval around the world so that we can use our ISP everywhere.

How do we make ISP?

It only takes a tiny amount of ISP to make a change to our ice cream. We produce ours through fermentation with the help of a genetically-modified baker's yeast - this is a production process widely used in the food industry to produce ingredients such as vitamins, flavourings and enzymes. However, no genetically-modified yeast is transferred to the final product. To ensure that the ISP is as pure as possible the yeast cells are removed through several stages of fine filtration at the end of the process. For that reason ISP is not genetically modified. This is an important distinction which was necessary to get this technology approved by EFSA.
You can enjoy Solero in full confidence of a fruitier and greater tasting treat, enhanced by our safe technology...and ISP which carries the approval of the European Food Safety Authority.

More details

In Ireland, ISP is only used in Solero Exotic Explosion, Solero Berry Explosion and Twister 3d Ice. Each single ice cream only contains <0.003 grams of ISP.