HB’s Commitment to Nutrition

HB’s Commitment to Nutrition

HB’s Commitment to Nutrition


At HB we aim to help our consumers make healthier choices, below are some examples of what we have been working on.

In 2013, we started to tell parents about our nutritional criteria that we apply to all our children’s ice creams, by introducing the ‘Specially for Kids’ logo on pack. This reassures parents that our children’s ice creams are a responsible treat that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and that they all meet our nutrition standards.

By the end of 2014 we fulfilled our nutrition commitment to ensure that all our children’s ice cream products contain 110kcal or fewer per serving.

We then looked at nutritionally optimizing our total ice cream portfolio and agreed to a commitment that 80% of our packaged ice creams globally should contain 250 kcal or fewer per portion*. By the end of 2015, 91% of our global portfolio already met this commitment.

We also offer our consumers more choice and control over their dietary intake by providing a range of portions. For example, we sell Cornetto and Magnum ice cream in mini portions.


* A portion refers to a pre-packed single-serve ice cream product meant to be consumed in one go or 100 ml when sold in packaging aimed at multi-consumption moments such as tubs.

Greenhouse Gases

To help tackle climate change and reduce GHG from refrigeration, we will accelerate our roll-out of freezer cabinets that use climate-friendly (hydrocarbon) refrigerants.

For more information on the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, visit http://www.unilever.com/sustainable-living